The Albanian Council of Ministers approves two important social services standarts

Two important Albanian social serives standarts approved
10 Jul 2015
Terre des hommes

The Albanian Council of Ministers has approved two important social services standarts: the standarts of emergency services in the National Emergency Transit Centre in Tirana and the standarts of services for the Units of Child Protection. The process of standart development was initiated and led by the National Agency for the Protection of Children's Rights (NAPCR) in close collaboration with Terre des hommes in Albania while ensuring close consultations with key actors in the filed of Child Protection and Child Rights.

Development and approval of the standards for these services marks an important step in further guaranteeing respect of human rights as stated in the Constitution and legislation of Albania. This is considered to be a very important step in ensuring that children and families in need are receiving quality services in emergency and when they need protection. This also represents a significant step in the integration process of Albania in the European Union.

These standarts will also serve as a legal obligation of structures at the local and central levels to monitor and keep the services accountable in their application. 

Nevertheless, there are still challenges ahead, related to the adequate implementation of the standarts and increasing the capacties of the local and central insitutions in ensuring that their application is regularly taking place. This is part of the upcoming plans of the NAPCR and the main organisations that are supporting the process of strengthening the child protection system in Albania, including Terre des homme.

Copies of standarts are available in English and Albanian in the online library.


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