[Bosnia and Herzegovina] Bosnia must Immediately Close Vucjak Migration Camp - Council of Europe

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06 Dec 2019
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The Council of Europe raised their concern regarding the Vucjak migration camp located in Bosnia and Hercegovina; the Council urged the Bosnian government to close the migration camp and to take further steps in improving the quality of treatment migrants receive in their country.

Dunja Mijatovic, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, stated that ‘the living conditions of hundreds of human beings in the improvised Vucjak camp are shameful. That camp should have never been opened in the first place.’ Moreover, she stressed the fact that decent accommodations must be provided for migrants to fully guarantee their needs.  

The local media reported that Bosnia's security minister, Dragan Mektic, mentioned that Vucjak camp will be closed down next week and that the migrants will be transferred to other accommodations.
Furthermore, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies expressed their concern that a humanitarian crisis is happening at the Vucjak camp, as the camp has only 80 tents, no medical support, and just 5 volunteers from Bosnia's Red Cross Society to help the 700 migrants who currently live there, though the number of migrants at the camp can reach up to 2,500 some days.

The European Union stated that the camp must close down, highlighting the fact that it is ‘not only unsafe but also an undignified location’. Likewise, the EU has provided 34 million euros to Bosnia and Hercegovina since 2018 to help support the five reception centres in Bosnia.


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