[Bosnia and Herzegovina] Every Child Needs a Family - conference and campaign by UNICEF BiH

  • Every Child Needs a Family - UNICEF BiH conference and campaign
06 Oct 2017

The conference "Every child needs a family" was held in Sarajevo on October 3, organized by the BiH Parliament Human Rights Committee, with the support of UNICEF BiH and the European Union, it brought together representatives of relevant ministries and civil society organizations, academia and professionals engaged in the field of child protection there. The conference also started a public campaign "Every Child Needs a Family".

Most children without parental care in BiH are not orphans. With adequate support, many families would be able to take care of their children. In cases where family segregation can not be avoided, the child should be accommodated in a foster family or into other community-based way of care. Having a family is not a privilege, but is a right. 

#EveryChildNeedsAFamily #SvakoDijeteTrebaPorodicu 

The campaign is part of a three-year program "Transformation of Institutions for Family Assistance and Prevention of Family Separation" program is co-funded by the EU.




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