[Bosnia and Herzegovina] ’Let’s ginga together’ project begins with workshops for children and youth in Banja Luka

  • Let's ginga togheter project started in Banja Luka
  • Kapuera workshops for children and youth
18 Jul 2017

Blue phone in cooperation with the sports association "Capoeira Banjaluka" will commence the implementation of 16 combined workshops of Capoeira and non-violent communications for children and young people under 18 years old, beginning on July 18, 2017. The workshops were made possible thanks to the Child Protection Hub for South-East Europe and Terre des Hommes, which enabled the implementation of the Association "Nova generacija" project entitled "Let's ginga together". The Roma Association "Romsko srce" is the acting partner of the project.

Priority to attend workshops include members of marginalized groups, namely Roma children. Since Veseli Brijeg is a settlement owing to the largest Roma population in Banja Luka while possessing the seat of the Association " Romsko srce", it was decided to conduct workshops there.

Workshops will feature lots of physical activities, and children and youth will learn more about violence and discrimination, development problems, friendship, non-violent communication and how to protect themselves in case of violence, neglect and abuse. These are all important topics for all children and young people, especially for those who are most often discriminated against and are presented as a minority in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This part of the workshops are designed by a Blue Phone counselor who is educated in the field of social protection and working with vulnerable children and young people. The second part of the workshops is in the form of a training/workshop of the Capoeira, which will be led by members of the Sports Association "Capoeira Banja Luka". The workshops are designed to start with a Capoeira and to continue through conversation and workshops of non-violent communication in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art with elements of acrobatics that are trained with music. It is known for its peacefulness, but if it is necessary it can be used in self-defense. Also, by practicing Capoeira, people can improve self-esteem, skills, and imagination and work with each muscle in the body. Capoeria has its own instruments and music so it's good for relaxing and learning new things.

Blue phone is one of the services of the Association "Nova generacija" Banja Luka and it offers a costless, anonymous and confidential counseling line for children and young people. The helpline is primarily intended for children who feel that someone in their environment is abusing or neglecting them in any way, and for those who know about or have witnessed child abuse and neglect. In addition to the problem of violence, the line is open to all the problems that children have, especially if they have no one to talk to and from whom to seek support and help.

The Blue phone can be contacted at 080 05 03 05 every working day from 9 am to 5 pm. The telephone company M:tel has enabled the helpline to be free of charge for calls from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina regardless of the telephone network from which the person calls from.  

The project was chosen by ChildHub for its innovative approach and the methodology is being documented for possible future replication by other organisations.




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