[Bosnia and Herzegovina] Over 320 Roma Children and Youth in BiH will be Beneficiaries of Educational Project

07 Feb 2019
Sarajevo Times

The EU is working together with the Roma Education Fund (REF) as part of the regional Project “Increased Education Opportunities for Roma Students and Roma Youth in Western Balkans and Turkey” to provide better education opportunities for Roma children in BiH.

“There are still boys and girls who are either left out of the education system or drop-out at an early age, without completing even the basic, compulsory education. The project will include children from pre-school age, elementary and secondary schools and University students. This will ensure not only the better education of Roma children, but gradually create opportunities for their employment,” Gianluca Vannini, Head of Section for Social Development, Civil Society and Cross Border Cooperation at the EU Delegation to BiH said.

As part of the project jointly funded by the EU and REF, around 320 children of all ages will get access to new opportunities and services, including:

  • Early childhood development activities, organized with children and their parents
  • Additional school activities for pupils in 1st and 2nd grade to help them improve performance in school, also with the involvement of their parents
  • Scholarships, tutoring and mentoring programmes for students in secondary education

Part of the activities planed aims also at providing support to new graduates to find employment, in order to facilitate the transition from education to employment and tackle segregation of education systems.


This project is funded by: