[Bosnia and Herzegovina] UNICEF: Young leave Bosnia due to loss of patience

06 Jan 2019

According to UNICEF, the main reason for brain drain in Bosnia is the fact young people grew tired of waiting, facing lack of hearing and investment. UNICEF representative Geeta Narayan explained that “with the increased number of migrants and refugees in the country, the number of children who found themselves in a particularly vulnerable situation has increased. UNICEF is dealing with a wide range of issues concerning the rights of the child. We work in the fields of education, child care, social inclusion and health and early growth and development of children.

"There are many things, such as education, health care, social inclusion, but if we had to isolate one area, then it is a concern for adolescents, children aged ten to 18 years. We recently launched an initiative that we called the U-report. It is a new tool for communicating with young people, which allows them to ask questions only if they have a telephone, and we get an answer right away. In this way we get a direct answer from them about what they think about what is happening today. This way we can have instant answers and thus take into account what young people want to say. The application is completely free and confidential, so far we have about 400 registered users, and we hope in the future that we will have about ten thousand" said Narayan for Yenisafak.

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