[Bulgaria] "Animus Association" Foundation Acquired a Blue Room for Interrogation and Hearing of Children

08 Jun 2018

The Children's Advocacy and Support Center of the "Animus Association" Foundation provides services to children who are victims of violence and their families. The centre now has a Blue Room for questioning and hearing of children since May 2018. The dedicated room has sound and video recorders to be used for children involved in legal proceedings, including child victims or witnesses of violence and emphasizes the best interests and rights of the children.

The center's team will prepare participating children for upcoming procedures, by informing the children about their rights and the process as a whole. Also the specifically trained professionals will help reduce the psychological stress of the child before an interview with a judge. The preparation will also include an individual assessment of the child about his/her readiness to participate in legal proceedings.

The Blue Room provides a relaxed and predisposed environment for the child in order to conduct a quality questioning by a specialist. The room consists of two spaces. The first is to conduct hearings, it is painted in warm and unobtrusive tones with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to optimize the child's peace and its ability to free expression away from external irritants. The second space involves the other participants in the procedure with whom the child will not have a visual contact but from whom it will be able to receive questions through the interviewer via microphone. The involved may be "a judge, a prosecutor, an investigating police officer, an investigating magistrate, an accused and his attorney, the parents of the child or other participants in the procedure".

An application for preparation and conducting of a specialized hearing for children involved in legal proceedings can be made by request directly from the court or the investigating authority as well as through the direction of the Child Protection Department. Requests may be received on a weekday and working hours from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm by the Head of the Children's Advocacy and Support Center - ZaKrila Zone, "Animus Association" Foundation or by an official who officially substitutes for him/her. Requests can also be made outside office hours or on weekends, in cases where the hearing should take place within 72 hours.

Additional information can be obtained from the "Animus Association" Foundation's office on these numbers: 02/983 5205; 02/983 53 05; 02/983 54 05
Non-stop phone number for urgent situations - 0876692280
Contact person: Annie Torozova - Head of the Children's Advocacy and Support Center - ZaKrila Zone, "Animus Association" Foundation,

The source article with detailed information about the Blue Room and its operation as well as photos from the rooms can be found HERE in Bulgarian.

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