[Bulgaria] The Annual Regional Conference of ChildHub and Know-How Centre's Participation

17 Dec 2017
Know-How Centre for the Alternative Care for Children

The annual regional conference of ChildHub was held in Tirana (Albania) on the 5th and 6th December. The event enabled the exchange of experience and information between participants from ten countries related to quality assurance mechanisms in the field of child protection.

On the first day of the conference, the team of the Know-How Centre was given the opportunity to present the model of Decentralized Surveillance, which it developed and approved in the social practice of child protection and social services for children in Bulgaria. Dr. Galina Markova acquainted the participants with the activities of the NCH in the field of research and applied projects, and Dr. Lubomir Djalev, a lecturer at NBU and part of the team involved in the development of a system of indicators for targeted monitoring, presented the substantive differences between the control and monitoring and teamwork principles. The other participants - Valentina Simeonova and Stella Peteva presented the essence of the child-centered observation system; types of indicators; the methodology and tools for monitoring. Presentations have prompted serious discussion and interest from participants from other countries on the possibilities for its implementation.

Galina Markova and Valentina Simeonova also led the workshop on the second day dedicated to child participation. In an interactive way, participants were challenged to express their understanding of what the child's involvement in all spheres and all issues that affect him and to share his practical experience.

The conference included young professionals who contributed to its flow. Some of them were volunteer-translators, for whom the event was a great opportunity to learn new things and start working partnerships.

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