[Bulgaria] Bulgaria’s government approves changes to Foreigners Act regulations

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06 Nov 2019
Sofia Globe

Bulgarian government accepted amendments to the Foreigners Act and the Child Protection Act to ease the application for residence for people from non-EU countries with Bulgarian origin. It includes the rules of procedure for family reunification and for granting the right of long-term residence for people who have been granted stateless status and set out the documents for foreigners who have been granted international and temporary protection and asylum. It also simplifies the procedure for granting residence for researchers and university students with Bulgarian origins.

The amendment to the Child Protection Act aims to provide the opportunity for health care, social services and residential care for unaccompanied foreign children and may grant long-term residence status for such children under 18.

To simplify the application for residence, it is proposed to provide bilingual application forms and the proof of the payment of the state fee can be acquired electronically.

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