[Bulgaria] Cedar Foundation's Biggest Success Story

02 May 2019
National Network for Children Bulgaria

The National Network for Children Bulgaria shared an interesting interview with Cedar Foundation's Executive Director Alexandrina Dimitrova, which looks at the history behind the foundation's creation, the organization's success, the organization's message and other informative points.

Among the discussed topics is the foundation's biggest success story, which Mrs. Dimitrova pinpoints as the visit to the Home for Children with Mental Disabilities in the village of Gorna Koznitsa in 2007. This is a crucial moment for the organization, because from this visit onwards the foundation started to works for the closure of state homes as this environment cannot provide quality childcare and leads to systematic violation of their rights. Later, in 2010, "the horror movie home is closed, and all 58 children and young people are placed in a much better and family-friendly setting." The closure of the Home in the village of Gorna Koznitsa and at the same time of the Home in the village of Mogilino are among the key events that triggered the process of deinstitutionalization in Bulgaria. Alexandrina Dimitrova also notes that for Cedar Foundation "the greatest success is the positive development of every child and every youth" that they have supported over the years.

The full interview can be found in Bulgarian on the National Network for Children's website.

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