[Bulgaria] First meeting of the Bulgarian Interdepartmental Working Group of the National Council for Child Protection

05 Jul 2018
For Our Children Foundation

In Bulgaria, the first meeting of the Interdepartmental Working Group of the National Council for Child Protection was held. This was reported by the For Our Children Foundation. During the meeting, proposals were discussed on the way the group functioned, while the meeting was led by Ms. Eleonora Lilova, Chair of the State Agency for Child Protection. The participant from For Our Children Foundation was Vanya Kaneva, Head of Projects and Advocacy.

The solution was, quoting the source article, "to draw up a plan and roadmap to guide the work of the group and ensure that the process of preparing the strategy builds on the good principles of strategic planning, including the involvement of a wide range of stakeholders to be consulted, including children and young people ". The need for active communication with politically significant figures was also discussed, this would ensure a more successful process. During the meeting, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, the European Social Pillar, the Europe 2020 Strategy, the United Nations' Sustainable Development Objectives and the Council of Europe's Child Strategy for the new strategy were highlighted as important reference points.

The role of the For Our Children Foundation in the Working Group will be the push of priorities "related to support for early childhood development, deinstitutionalization of childcare, adequate regulation of social and integrated services, and other topics".

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