[Bulgaria] Four new centres for children in conflict with the law opening in Bulgaria | Eurochild

05 Oct 2017

These centres have opened in Sofia, Vratsa, Rousse and Pazardjik where they are piloting services aimed at children in conflict and in contact with the law. 

Its main purpose is to change public attitudes towards children in conflict with the law and to develop a regional approach in working with organizations – members of the Children’s Network.

The implementation of the project is based on an integrated approach and participation of all stakeholders. Special efforts are focused on preventive activities through community service, as well as changing attitudes through campaigns at national, regional and local levels.

At the end of 2016, a competition was held to select organizations to run the centres. In Sofia, the centre is managed by the Social Activities and Practices Institute, in Rousse – by Equivibrium Association, in Pazardzhik – Crime Prevention Fund IGA and in Vratsa – Association for Pedagogical and Social Assistance for Children FICE. The project is funded by the Velux Foundation, Denmark.

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