[Bulgaria] The Justice Ministry in Bulgaria Has Provided a Proposal for Penalties for Mental Abuse

27 Mar 2018
The National Network for Children

The National Network for Children announced that at the international conference "A Safe Future for Women - A Safe Future for All", the justice ministry has suggested that there should be punishments for mental abuse. "A new approach to offenses of domestic violence and gender-based violence, heavier punishments for abusers and more procedural rights of victims" are foreseen. This has been announced by the Bulgarian Justice Minister Tsetska Tsacheva during the conference.
According to a recent analysis carried out by the Ministry of Justice on a legislative framework, active under a project funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, it has been confirmed that "Bulgaria still lacks a comprehensive framework to prevent, persecute and eradicate the violence against both women and young girls in the family and outside it." For this reason, two working groups were set up in 2016 with the aim of revising the current texts in the Penal Code as well as the rules for seeking criminal liability for the abusers.
The source article also mentions that Tsacheva has noted that "in 91% of cases women's murders were committed by men." The Minister has also noted the bitter fact that a significant part of the people in Bulgaria still consider domestic violence as a personal matter. To that Tsacheva has added " Against this, we must be adamant in breaking such a stereotype: the fight against domestic violence cannot be fought individually and on one's own."
You can read the full original article in Bulgaria on THIS ADDRESS.

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