[Bulgaria] KHC Supported the Standpoint on the Bill to Repeal the Social Services Act

20 Dec 2019
Know-How Centre for the Alternative Care for Children

Forty-nine Bulgarian organizations supported the Standpoint on the Bill to repeal the Social Services Act, 954-01-76 of 06.11.2019, and the Bill to Amend and Supplement the Social Services Act (the document is in Bulgarian).

The Know-How Centre for the Alternative Care for Children, New Bulgarian University, also supported the standpoint because the Law For Social Services:

  • has been drawn up on the basis of scientifically substantiated evidence that calls for new regulations to improve the quality of care for citizens;
  • includes continuous monitoring of the provision of social services, the evidence of which will give citizens data on the effectiveness of social services, and will integrate their recommendations into the social sector;
  • ensures that the services are coordinated between the health, education and social sectors.

The KHC believes that repealing the law will stop successful practices for children and families, put families at risk, break trust between professionals and people in need and, overall, delay social reform.

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