[Bulgaria] "Mental health of the child experiencing divorce of parents", article by Borislava Mecheva

08 Nov 2017
Know-How Centre for the Alternative Care for Children

Bulgarian family therapist and supervisor Borislava Mecheva published an article - "Mental health of the child experiencing divorce of parents". The text is divided into 6 short sections - "Divorce", "Children and the Divorce of Parents", "Pathological Response to Separation", "Harmful Impacts on Children's Mental Health", "How Change Can Be Non-Pathological for Children" and "Interventions ". The article considers divorce as a normative transition through the life cycle phases of the family. As any change, however, it provokes a crisis, and the crisis has the potential to become both a source of mutual support, learning about relationships and constructing new, healthier relationships, and not allowing it to lead to pathology in the family system. In the understanding of the systemic paradigm, the child's symptom (behavioral or emotional disorder) is an expression of the pathology in relationships and can be prevented with adequate crisis support. The article provides ideas for crisis intervention focused on 6 key family characteristics: roles, boundaries, communication, rules, goals and values.
You can find the full text in .docx format (in Bulgarian) attached to this article.

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