[Bulgaria] National Conference on Restorative Justice "Reconsideration of Crime and Punishment"

21 Apr 2018
National Network for Children

The National Network for Children (Bulgaria) has announced that the National Conference on Restorative Justice "Rethinking the Crime and Punishment" will be held on 21st April in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event will take place at the Arena di Serdica Hotel and will aim at spreading and presenting in a clear manner the philosophy of restorative justice and the possibilities for its application in different fields and communities. In addition, it will discuss the initiation of the construction of a national platform for restorative justice. This is an initiative of professionals and researchers with many years of experience in the field of restorative justice that wants to bring the concept in balance with existing national practices and European standards.
At this address (in Bulgarian) you can find the source article as well as additional information about the speakers, the program and the conditions for attending the event.

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