[Bulgaria] New Admission has Started to the Master's Program Psycho-Social Interventions with Children and Families

09 Aug 2019
Know-How Centre for the Alternative Care for Children

The Department of Health and Social Work in Bulgaria have announced a new admission for the Master's Program in Psychosocial Interventions with Children and Families. The program aims to train future professionals and enhance the skills of current professionals in working with children and families. Students will have the opportunity within the program to acquire a wide range of contemporary knowledge, to acquire skills and to learn innovative methods/interventions for working with specific groups of children, which have become necessary in the practice within Europe and Bulgaria over the last 15 years.

If you have experience in working with children and families in social services, in the child protection system and in the school and pre-school education system, or you are a specialist in other fields, motivated to acquire skills in working with children at risk and managing services for children at risk, this program is for you. Graduates of the program can work in state and municipal social structures and services, in non-governmental organizations and services in the community, in medical and educational institutions, security services and child protection.

The program offers the opportunity to apply for paid internships and/or scholarships to non-governmental, municipal and state organizations, partners of the program, in order to partially cover the costs. The time of the courses and the internship is in accordance with the work commitments. Each student follows his or her own study and development plan.

If interested, you can find detailed information (in Bulgarian) about the program on the page of the Know-How Center for Alternative Child Care.

You can apply for admission to the MA program HERE. The program accepts students with a bachelor's or master's degree.

For additional information about the program and advice for applicant students:

Dr. Galina Markova - tel: 0882 441 271, galina.markova.khc@gmail.com;

Dr. Antoaneta Mateeva - tel: 0898 970 582, mateeva.antoaneta@gmail.com;

Radostina Antonova - tel: 0888 770 28, radostina@knowhowcentre.org;

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