[Bulgaria] New Bulgarian University has begun the admission process for the Masters Program "Psychosocial Interventions with Children and Families"

08 May 2018
Know-How Centre for the Alternative Care for Children

The Department of Health and Social Work at New Bulgarian University is announcing the MASTERS PROGRAM "PSYCHOSOCIAL INTERVENTIONS WITH CHILDREN AND FAMILIES", which is starting in the 2018/2019 semester.

The program aims to prepare future specialists and raise the skills of current professionals in working with children and families. Students will have the opportunity to acquire a wide range of modern knowledge, learn skills and learn innovative methods/interventions for working with specific groups of children which have been in practice in Europe and Bulgaria for the last 15 years.

The program is accessible for people with experience in working with children and families in social services, the child protection system and in the system of school and pre-school education, as well as for professionals from other fields motivated to acquire new skills for working with children in risk and management of services for children at risk.

The aim of the program is for the students to acquire knowledge and skills to apply the "Casework Method". Therefore, the focus of the training is to provide internships with children and families at risk under professional supervision. During the internship, students will integrate teaching theories. Students will develop skills to manage team processes, interventions, and social work mentorship.

The program was developed in cooperation with the International Advisory Board.

The duration of the training is three semesters. The cost per semester is 1,300 levs. Students will be able to apply for paid internship to non-governmental, municipal and state organizations in order to partially cover the costs.

The program will be announced on the New Bulgarian University website until 18th, 2018. Follow the "Master Programs" section:


The application is done with an essay in which the candidate student points out his/her expectations for the program in terms of knowledge and skills that he/she would like to learn within his/her training. The essay describes the student's motivation to enroll in this Master's program, as well as the professional experience he/she has so far.

Successful candidates will be interviewed.

For additional program information, you can contact:

 Dr. Galina Markova - tel: 0882 441 271; e-mail: galina.markova.khc@gmail.com

Dr. Antoaneta Mateeva - tel: 0898 970 582; e-mail: mateeva.antoaneta@gmail.com

Radostina Antonova - tel: 0888 770 281; e-mail: radostina@knowhowcentre.org

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