[Bulgaria] New Regulation: Counseling of Young People on Risky Behavior Related to Health

15 May 2018
National Network for Children Bulgaria

The Health Ministry has published a new regulation stipulating that the consent of parents or guardians for counseling, prophylactic examinations or research of young people would no longer be required. This Ordinance applies to children aged 16 and over and is instrumental in the prevention of potentially life-threatening behavior.
The consultations will concern "behavioral health risks, mental health and personal development, sexual and reproductive health." Young people will also receive counseling on their dental health as well as in order to improve their knowledge of the health system and behavior in case of disease. Specifically for behavioral health risks, children will have consultations on their personal hygiene, tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption and drugs.
The regulation also mentiones the availability of advice on mental health issues addressing emotional health, stress management, prevention of depression and suicide, self-perception, human-related issues, and others. The consultations will also include sexual and reproductive health issues, and more specifically, unwanted pregnancies, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, and so on.
In addition, young people will receive information about patients' rights and obligations, details of the functioning of medical establishments and the qualifications of medical specialists, as well as the use of medical information on the Internet.
Further information can be found in the source article (in Bulgarian) HERE.


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