[Bulgaria] New State Body for People with Disabilities in 2021, According to Ombudsman Maya Manolova

20 Aug 2018
National Network for Children Bulgaria

The Bulgarian ombudsman Maya Manolova commented that in 2021 a new state body will replace the Agency for Social Assistance, the National Network for Children shared. Manolova mentioned this prospect during a meeting with representatives of disabled and disadvantaged people in Varna and stated that this will happen after the remaining steps of the reform for people with disabilities have taken place.
Maya Manolova also noted that the main achievement, following the protests of mothers with children with disabilities in Bulgaria, is the emergence of an "individual mandatory assessment for absolutely all institutions including the Personal Assistance Act, together with the Social Services and Disability Act". The ombudsman also said that agreements have been discussed to create a Mobility Fund and an accessible environment to adapt private and public buildings to the needs of people with disabilities. There is also an agreed increase in monthly monetary support for people with disabilities. According to Manolova, "the changes will be felt as early as January 1st by absolutely all people with disabilities".
You can read the source article and additional information (in Bulgarian) HERE.

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