[Bulgaria] News Report of the Bulgarian National Television on the ‘Firefly’ Project which Battles Human Trafficking

09 Jul 2019
Bulgarian National Television

The Bulgarian National Television shared a news report about the SOS Children's Villages "Firefly - Illuminate the Darkness" Project. The report draws attention to the training of foster parents, social workers, psychologists and specialists working with children on how to protect children from human trafficking. The "Lover Бoy" trafficking scheme, which is used to trap girls into the human trafficking circle, is also mentioned in the article and video by the media. The online application developed by the project aims to inform children about the risks of trafficking in human beings on the Internet. The entire BNT report can be watched in Bulgarian via the link in this article. Further information about the project can be found in our article from last month where we also reported the participation of the Know-How Centre for the Alternative Care for Children in the "Firefly" Project.

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