[Bulgaria] An Online platform for the prevention of sexual abuse and exploitation among students has been launched

13 Sep 2017

Bulgaria is second in Europe in regard to human trafficking, and the most important cause for human trafficking is the sexual exploitation, imposed by new techniques and tactics, like "lover boy", with which violators and exploiters earn the trust of their victims, who cannot recognize what is happening to them as violence and / or exploitation. Or when they recognize it, it is already at a very progressive stage.

The Sexual and Health Education Platform for Teens LoveGuide has launched a new campaign to prevent sexual abuse and exploitation among schoolchildren across the country aged 15-19. The campaign BETTER DON’T DO IT! is also targeted at all those involved in raising healthy, capable and happy young people, namely parents, teachers, directors, doctors and others.

The campaign aims to achieve recognition of the problem of sexual violence and exploitation among the general public and to draw attention to the need for its resolution.

Explanatory, animated videos will be uploaded to the already popular YouTube platform on the platform. All educational content is easy, accessible and specifically made in an attractive way for teenagers.

LoveGuide is the only online and offline platform in Bulgaria that provides effective health and sexual education for students aged 13-18 across the country. It was created in 2015. And in 2016, the team began training, using a variety of formats across the country, and launched its YouTube channel.




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