[Bulgaria] The "Our Money" program for financial literacy as part of the educational process of Bulgarian children

17 Jan 2020
The National Network for Children Bulgaria

The National Network for Children Bulgaria informed that the "Our Money" (Bulgarian: “Нашите пари”) program which was launched in 2016 in Bulgaria will include more than 2050 students by the end of the 2019/2020 school year. The program aims to teach students from the 9th to 11th grade from public schools in Bulgaria how to manage their finances more effectively. The program is funded and supported by Bulgarian banks and aims at establishing financial literacy into the curriculum of secondary education schools in Bulgaria.

As part of the project, Prosveta Publishing House has developed a textbook, notebook and a book for the financial literacy teacher. There is also special training for teachers who want to become part of the Our Money program. One of the project partners is the online platform for training video lessons and exercises on various topics - Ucha.se. The digital platform pocketscience.bg has also been developed for the project with the aim of making the content of the lessons more attractive to the students students.

This project is funded by: