[Bulgaria] Round Table on the Integration of Foreign Citizens in Sofia

28 Nov 2018

A round table on the integration of non-EU nationals in Bulgaria has been held in Sofia last week. The discussion was organized by Sofia Development Association where the EU funded project INTEGRA was presented, including the challenges non-EU nationals in Bulgaria face when it comes to their integration in the society, public life and labour market. The participants of the round table came from different sector, including local public authorities, experts from public institutions, international organizations, NGOs in this field, education institutions and the non-EU nationals themselves. The discussion was very productive and recommendations were made about the local measures and policies which could be helpful, if implemented. Some of the recommendations were to set up entrepreneurship programs sponsored by employers, training opportunities as well as the center where non-EU nationals would be able to get all necessary information and services, to support them in the integration process and ensures they become productive members of the society.

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