[Bulgaria] A Sociological survey indicated that Bulgarians are moderately tolerant on issues related to family relations

28 Dec 2018
National Network for Children

The National Network for Children (Bulgaria) shared a survey done by the Gallup International sociological agency from the beginning of December 2018, which indicated that Bulgarians are moderately tolerant regarding various topics of family relations. The data was collected from a regular monthly and independent face-to-face research programme.

According to the sociological survey, there is a broad acceptance of divorces, non-serious relationships and abortions - 70% of the participants have declared a defensive stance against the right to abortion and divorce, and over 70% have defended the right to cohabitation without marriage and children. Two-thirds of those surveyed have approved marriages between individuals of different ethnicities and races. From this it can be assumed that the Bulgarian society is now more liberal on issues related to family relations and children. On the other hand, however, Bulgarian society is still strictly conservative in relation to same-sex marriages - 78% of respondents said they were "against" same-sex marriage.

On the topic of the use of violence as a tool for the education of children, the participants' opinions were rather against the use of slaps as a tool of upbringing. Violence against women has been massively stigmatized by the participants, but it is worrying that 7% (over 300,000 people) have speculated that a man is allowed to hit a woman. According to the survey, Bulgarian society still has a strong patriarchal status - 75% (both men and women) have suggested that the norm is the man is responsible for family income.

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