[Bulgaria] A Study of the Physical and Emotional State of Bulgarian Students

13 Sep 2017
Institute for Progressive Education

The Institute for Progressive Education stated that a new OECD PISA study (MES Bulgaria summary) has shown that 61% of 15-year-old students are worried about getting low marks in school. At the same time, 55% of young Bulgarian students say they are very worried when they are going to be tested, "even if they are well prepared", and 62% become nervous in a situation where they do not know how to tackle a given task.
The Chair of the Institute for Progressive Education Mariana Bancheva and school psychologist Annet Marinova provided a comment on these statistics in a radio program. Mariana Bancheva pointed out "the deep nature of the fear of error and the feeling of guilt if one is wrong" and the thinking that "the child will be valued, loved, respected only if he achieves the results expected from the adults" among the significant factors for these results. The two professionals agreed that the source of these factors was family upbringing.
You can hear a recording of the transmission provided by the Institute for Progressive Education, as well as read the source article, HERE.

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