[Bulgaria] Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation has supported the development of 295 Bulgarian communities in 2017

02 Aug 2018

The annual report of the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation (WCIF) announced that the foundation supported 273 initiatives to improve the life of various communities in 2017 with funding of BGN 650,000. This has improved the lives of 295 communities which included 120,000 people. A little over half of the allocated funds have been used to help with the development of children and young people from smaller settlements in Bulgaria, as well as to support the rights and community inclusion of people from vulnerable groups.

The Foundation stated "that a better life is possible in well-developed communities." WCIF invests in the people to help build sustainable communities that are a fertile environment for talent development. During last year investment in education was increased and the "Learn and Program" initiative was launched. 118 people have received scholarships last year to develop themselves in an "academic, professional, career, and/or personal" manner through the foundation. In addition, WCIF's education projects have included more than 20 000 students.

You can read WCIF's annual report in English HERE.

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