Child refugees ‘making trip to Europe alone for better life’

03 Jan 2016
The Scotsman

The Scotsman reports that when Habibullah, a softly spoken 16-year-old from Afghanistan, was offered $5,000 (about £3,385) in order to get out of the country, he didn’t ask any questions.  The teenager from Baghlan in the north-east wanted to advance his education, but his hometown was too unsafe for him to so. His native province is rated by Unicef as the worst in the whole country for children, and Habibullah dreamed of something better.  “I always attended school in Afghanistan,” Habibullah says, “but my father told me that it’s not safe to stay at home. He said, ‘You can go to another country to continue your lessons. Security is always going to be bad in Afghanistan – but if you want, you can go and I will help you.’”

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