Children with HIV / AIDS are treated abroad

10 Sep 2015

Kosovo authorities claim to have made the supply for the necessary therapy for adults living with HIV AIDS in Kosovo, but the necessary therapy for children who carry this virus is lacking, says Alban Gjonbalaj, representative of the organization for people who are affected by HIV/AIDS in Kosovo.

According to the data from the Ministry of Health, Kosovo has got around 100 people affected by the disease since 1986, when the first case was identified.

"Since last year, the therapy for children has been missing, while for adults there has been a good supply already. But pediatric therapy remains a problem," said Gjonbalaj.

In 2014, seven new cases of people affected by HIV / AIDS were recorded in Kosovo, while this year, according to health officials, there weren't any new cases reported.

However, HIV-positive children from Kosovo are going abroad to receive treatment, they cannot access at home. 


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