Children with parents abroad, to be put in school records

23 May 2015
Curierul National

Schools in Romania could be required to keep records of children with parents working abroad, National Courier reports. According to a draft law initiated by the Ministry of Labour, schools will need to liaise with social services and to provide data about the students.

The Ministry of Labour has publicly debated a draft resolution approving the procedure for monitoring the growth and care of children whose parents work abroad. The document provides concrete ways that schools and public social services must work together so that these children receive attention from local authorities. Public Social Service will inquire into the situation of children whose parents leave annually in the last quarter of the year, in schools which operate across their territorial administration.

"I think it's a good idea to centralize the children’s data [about their situation] in Romania who have at least one parent abroad, but it is insufficient, it is just a picture of what is happening there, I think the next step would be a law for the protection of these children because these children generally live a drama. Majority the children we talked to, children who had lived for a while in the country with grandparents or uncles and neighbors, remained with psychological scars when deprived of their parents, "says Daniel Tecu, President of FADERE.

Where there is a decrease in school performance, a public social service representative shall inform the teacher or tutor in writing, who are required to seek support of the school counselor.

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