Children for sale: UK's new slave trade

28 Jan 2008

A ‘Sunday Telegraph’ investigation reveals that hundreds of young children are being sold and trafficked to Britain from Africa. The press article indicates that the children are sold by their parents, some while still babies, to criminal gangs and traffickers. They are exploited as modern-day slaves, put to work in restaurants and shops, some of them are also subjected to physical and sexual abuse. The British government is urged to take measures giving more protection to victims of child trafficking. See also the video report here Related press coverage: The East African (10 Feb): ““African babies being sold into slavery in UK for up to $10,000”: “ Telegraph (4 Feb): ““How they stole my childhood”:” The Sydney Morning Herald (28 Jan): ““Children sold into modern-day slavery”:” IBNLive (27 Jan): ““Modern-day slavery: African children trafficked to UK”:” The Sydney Morning Herald (27 Jan): ““Calls to end child trafficking in UK”:”

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