Children’s board includes group of 15 students in Primary school Borovje (from 5th to 8th grade). They have workshops during the year where they are learning about Children´s rights. They observe their environment and detect bad, as well as good examples and then they discuss it in a group. Also, they talk about children’s rights and duties, possibilities where to apply them and also people and places where they can ask for help if they have any trouble or specific problem they don’t know how to deal with.

Peer helpers are students from 6th to 8thgrade of Primary school Borovje and Gustav Krklec that are specially prepared to be supportive to their peers from school. Their role is to be a connection between students and the adults. They are educated to lead workshops about children’s rights and obligations. Beside that they get knowledge and skills for themselves (about group leadership communication, tolerance, respecting other people’s differences and opinions etc.), they can give those knowledge and skills to their peers through planed workshops.

On the Children´s rights day Children´s bord and Peer helpers will spread positive messages among their peers. During the school break they will share Brave Phone´s publication about Children´s rights and messages about things that they can do for their friends which will make them feel good. For example, message is Tell your best friend something nice. The goal of this activity is to teach children that it´s very important that we take care for each other and to make school a pleasant place for all students!


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