[Croatia] Child Hub Pilot Activity Continues with Experts in the Social Welfare System

20 Sep 2019

In June, Child Hub launched a pilot activity, Modern Technologies in the Further Education and Empowerment Process of Professionals in the Social Welfare System, in collaboration with the Croatian Association of Social Workers. This activity provides support to professionals facing dilemmas, but also aims to educate and empower social workers to seek support and knowledge in more innovative ways online.

The first coaching and mentoring meeting was held at the Center for Social Welfare in Krk, in September, with employees from various centres for social welfare. Twelve experts discussed the topics of professional power and powerlessness. Ms. Gordana Daniel and Ms. Sanja Oreskovic Vrbanec will conduct four additional coaching and mentoring meetings for the local community, the last of which will be held online.

This activity is based on research by the Child Protection Hub, conducted with social care professionals who identified the need for additional training and supervision to improve the quality of their work.


This project is funded by: