[Croatia] ChildHub Implements Pilot Tech Training Model for Social Welfare Professionals

11 Jun 2019

ChildHub, in cooperation with the Croatian Association of Social Workers, developed a pilot training model to empower social welfare experts in using different tech platforms and applications for their educational and professional development. Four years of experience in implementing the Project has shown us that social welfare professionals are inexperienced with, lack information on, and sometimes show resistance to using modern technologies. Thus, it seemed appropriate to develop a focused training on how modern technology can be user-friendly and useful in everyday work.  

The pilot model consists of five meetings, four of which will be held off-line, and one of which was implemented through the Adobe Connect communication platform. The first training was held on 6 June in the Center for Social Care, Krk, Croatia. Experts from smaller communities and islands joined. Through a five-hour training, participants explored ChildHub and ChildHub Academy, and independently tested their options. Participants said they were very satisfied with the presented material! From autumn, live meetings will continue in the Center with specially trained supervisors.

The Croatian Social Workers' Association has supported the implementation of the Child Protection Hub project for four years, and empowers Child Hub’s organizational and professional capacity to conduct direct training in the area of ​​Croatia.


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