[Croatia] ChildHub training "Working with a Sexually Abused Child" was held for experts from the social care system

30 Nov 2018

Training  "Working with a Sexually Abused Child - Legal and Psychological Aspects" was held on 28th of November at the Child and Youth Protection center of Zagreb. More than 30 social workers, psychologists and other experts from the Team for children and families and the Children's Homes have listened to lectures from the experts Gordana Buljan Flander, Principle of the Child and Youth protection Center of Zagreb and lana Peto Kujundžić, judge from the County court in Zagreb. 

Issues related to the way of talking to children who had the experience of sexual abuse, testimony in court and the role of experts from the social welfare center, encouraged participants to ask a lot of question.

As part of this training, participants will participate in the on-line training called LEAP - participatory practice for children and young people with experience of sexual abuse", developed within the Child Protection Hub project and specifically adapted to the Croatian professional language. For the first time within this project, an online part of the training will be awarded with points by the Chamber of Social Workers and Psychologists.

TDH program this relates to:  Child justice

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