[Croatia] The new Brave Phone campaign has started, aiming to encourage young people to talk about their problems

12 Jan 2018
Hrabri telefon

Marking 20 years of operating, Brave Phone has started a new campaign with a goal of making Brave Phone children counseling line 116-111 more approachable to children and young people. The start of the campaign under the name „Brave Phone listens to every problem as if it's the biggest“ was on the 4th of January, marked by putting up billboards in Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka and Split, and will continue with posters being put up in Zagreb schools and trams.

„Lousy grades“, „strict parents“, „painfull breakup“, „I'm never invited to go out“... are just some of the messages that could be noticed on the streets of the four largest cities in Croatia. The goal of those messages is to encourage children and young people, especially adolescents to call Brave Phone with any problem they encounter while navigating through huge emotional and social changes.

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