Dutch professionals form a community of practice

12 Oct 2016

The Dutch LEAP Community of Practice (CoP) consist of 16 professionals supporting young people who have experienced sexual violence (social workers, nurses, policy makers, a fund) and four adult experienced experts who engage with young people in prevention activities. This mix is proving to be very fruitful. The CoP builds on principles of action learning, and after the first training the participants are currently designing their action plans.

One of the clearest learning questions that has emerged, has to do with the capacity of adults to talk with young people about sexuality and sexual behaviour. Having an open conversation is seen to be pivotal to participation.

About Stichting Alexander:

Stichting Alexander is specialised in  youth participation and participatory action research with children and young people. We design and implement tools and methods for participation, train and coach professionals, policy makers or researchers working directly with or for youth. We work for a wide range of clients from different social sectors such as welfare, care, health, education, employment, and arts and culture. Children and young people are at the core of our work. They participate in all stages of our projects, as co-researcher, co-trainer, advisor, and as interpreter of the results. They themselves take the lead in advocating for their recommendations and implementing improvements in dialogue with adults.


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