Ensuring the right to a family for every child in Moldova - discussed by authorities and international experts

17 May 2016

Representatives of central and local public authorities in Moldova, specialists in social, educational and medical fields, international experts, academics and professionals from the NGO sector participates during May 17-18, at the International Conference "Ensuring the right to a family for every child: Challenges and solutions". The event is organized on the occasion of ten years since the launch of the child protection reform in Moldova.

The conference aims to present the most important achievements in reforming the residential child care system in Moldova and highlight the connection among deinstitutionalization, developing family and community-based services, inclusive education and early intervention. The event will provide opportunities for disseminating successful national and international practices in preventing child separation and alternative models of family-based care for children separated from their parents.

The event is organized by the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family of the Republic of Moldova and "Partnerships for Every Child" NGO, with the financial support of Lumos Foundation (UK) and USAID.

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