EU and UN criticize Hungary for local treatment of Roma and border fence plans

22 Jun 2015
Source: writes that reported the EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova said recent moves regarding the housing of Romani people contravene both the EU's Roma Integration Framework Strategy and Hungary's own Roma Strategy. 

In addition, spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Cécile Pouilly stated her office is "deeply concerned" about Hungary's announcement that it is preparing to build a fence on its border with Serbia.  

"Such harsh border enforcement measures may also force migrants to adopt more risky routes and modes of transport, putting them at greater risk of abuse by traffickers and smugglers," Pouilly said. 

Pouilly critisized Hungarian Government and for its anti-migrant, xenophobic rhetoric through a billboard campaign, but also for the questionnaire on immigration Government sent to citizens in which unfounded links were sought between migration and terrorism. 

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