[Europe] Dentons and Eurochild Partner to Support the Rights of Children in Europe

04 Jul 2019

Eurochild, the European children's advocacy network, has partnered with the world's largest law firm, Dentons, for the benefit of children's rights and well-being across Europe. With Dentons providing legal support and expertise pro bono, it is hoped that this collaboration will result in legal effectiveness and operational resilience for Eurochild network members, and in improved advocacy activities at national and international levels.

The two officially established a partnership last year, and so far, Dentons and its Nextlaw Referral Network have provided more than 200 hours of legal assistance to the Eurochild secretariat in Brussels, as well as its European member organizations.

‘Eurochild members have enormous breadth of expertise and experience working with and for children across Europe, but often too little time and resources to invest in organizational development. We are delighted to have Dentons by our side to build internal capacities and better harness evidence and legal mechanisms to promote children's rights’, noted Jana Hainsworth, secretary general of Eurochild.

‘Dentons is fully committed to making a meaningful contribution to the communities in which we live and work, through our pro bono legal work. In the last year alone, we have given more than 98,000 pro bono hours to NGOs and charitable organizations worldwide’, said Tomasz Dąbrowski, CEO of Dentons Europe.

The Eurochild network has 176 members from 34 countries that advocate children's rights and their importance to the development of European policymaking.


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