[Europe] European countries seek common approach to child protection training

25 May 2017
The Guardian

The prestigous The Guardian, wrote an article about the joint project of the Universities of Kent and Stirling together with Terre des hommes, developing training tools for professionals employed in child protection services, in eight different countries. This initiative has been established in order for the continent to achieve synchronized child protection service practices, while providing social workers the opportunity to learn from one another. 

The project had commenced in 2015, and is headed by Paul Rigby, a lecturer at the University of Stirling. According to Rigby, institutional techniques instructed in Europe are relatively the same throughout different European countries, however in practice, applications differ among social workers throughout the continent. It is because of these discrepancies, fellow European states are hostile toward the practices pertaining to other European countries.

There is evidently a need for European social workers to collaborate and act cohesively, considering the current migrant crisis will likely perpetuate without a decreasing scale. Therefore, Rigby stresses the imperativeness to give and take from one another in the field of social work. 

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