[Europe] Gender equality during COVID-19: 5 ideas for action

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26 Mar 2020

A health crisis has a deep impact on anyone, but especially on those women who makes up 70 percent of health social sector workers, women and girls who are subject to gender-based violence (GBV) and girls who already facing troubles in their education.

UNICEF collected 5 core actions for gender equality:

  1. Care for caregivers:
    • Provide adequate support (childcare, health services, other social support) for frontline responders.
    • Share responsibilities at home.
    • Family-friendly policies by employers.
  2. Prepare for increases in GBV:
    • Know how to handle situations.
    • Help amplify existing hotlines and other support mechanisms.
    • Let victims know where they can get help.
  3. Maintain core health and education services and systems:
    • Prioritize education for adolescent girls.
    • Ensure the continuity of education and health services.
  4. Engage women’s and youth rights network for connectivity and vital information:
    • Facilitate interconnectedness and empowerment (digital learning)
    • Ensure the participation of girls and women in all decision-making processes and service delivery.
    • Flexible resources.
  5. Ensure gender data are available, analysed and actionable:
    • Look at sex, age and disability data together to show impacts of COVID-19.
    • Coverage needs to talk about the increase in GBV.
    • Talk about services available to support survivors.

Important to face the effect of the crisis and make the best effort to help anyone in need.

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