[Europe] MEPs: Fundamental rights of Roma continue to be systematically violated

12 Feb 2019
European Interest

Members of European Parliament adopted a non-legislative resolution calling for additional efforts to combat anti-gypsyism in the EU. Some of the most important areas where Roma rights continue to be violated across the EU are relation to education and the segregation of Roma children, lack of employment opportunities, no access to healthcare. Young Roma are especially vulnerable and affected with the current situation. The declaration proposes “clear and binding” targets, defined priorities and milestones to enhance integration of Roma, for which public funds and human resources are essential.

Soraya Post, S&D Group spokesperson on Roma issues explained “Roma are the biggest ethnic minority group in Europe. Large numbers are still deprived of their fundamental rights, living in poverty, and facing extreme discrimination and social exclusion. This is not a faraway problem, these people are European citizens, which makes national government and the EU’s failure to act even more shocking. Progress can only start with recognition of the crimes committed against Roma people in the past, with a truth and reconciliation process to build trust between Roma communities and mainstream society, in order to take a shared commitment for a better, united future, and to create a healthy European society, free from anti-Gypsyism”.

According to the resolution improving rights of Roma and their integration should be an important priority for the European Commission.


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