[European Union] Child rights & participation should be EU top priority – Coleiro Preca

06 May 2019

Malta’s former president and head of Eurochild, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, urged the European Union to put the issues of child rights and child participation on its agenda and make them a priority.

“Child participation in decision-making needs to become a reality today and not in the future… It is essential that the European Union listens to children and ensures that they can influence decisions that directly affect them and all of us,” said Coleiro Preca in her keynote address at the first EU Children’s Summit in Bucharest, Romania.

Her remarks came on the back of the recent results of ‘Europe Kids Want’, a joint Eurochild/UNICEF opinion poll for children and young people. According to the survey, only 8 percent of the children believe that their views are taken into consideration by adults when it comes to decision making.

Children also participated in the summit, such as the Maltese 14-year-old Sharon Cilia from the Young People’s Council, and Scarlet Engerer, a 10-year-old member of the Children’s Council.



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