[European Union] ChildHub is sharing its expertise with 500 professionals across Europe

22 May 2018

On May 28-30 2018 in Seville, Spain, Child Protection Hub will share its expertise in developing capacities of social workforce at the 26th European Social Services Conference (ESSC).

The Conference (ESSC) will explore how we can improve services by empowering the people and communities which are at the heart of social welfare.

It will explore the following questions:

  • How can we use public budgets, tools and human capital more efficiently?
  • How do we best invest in the empowerment of service users in the longer term?
  • How do we best develop a professionally trained, agile and supported workforce equipped for future social needs?
  • And how do we work better in partnerships and across sectors to design services that promote economic and social investment?

Over 500 professionals from across Europe will be exploring how to improve services through social investment.

The ChildHub workshop will introduce the participants to the platform and the opportunities it offers for learning and exchanging among professionals. The workshop participants will also have the opportunity to explore the role of modern technology in facilitating learning and how existing challenges can be overcome by allowing professionals to learn and exchange through technology.

We hope that our workshop and the conference overall will inspire, empower and equip all those who share a commitment for a social Europe to invest smartly in our future – one that is people-centred, fully inclusive and sustainable.

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