[European Union] ChildPact Organises INSPIRE Advocacy Training in Istanbul

07 Jul 2019

Between 1 and 3 July, ChildPact secretariat organised an advocacy training in Istanbul to develop national advocacy plans with members from Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Serbia, Kosovo, Turkey, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The agenda included two working sessions on understanding the INSPIRE strategies (7 Strategies to End Violence Against Children), facilitated by Tamara Barbakadze of World Vision Armenia.

ChildPact Secretary General, Cristina Rigman, facilitated a practical session on how to create an advocacy strategy, define the structure and its objectives, analyse stakeholders and relevant influencers, and mitigate risks involved in such a process.

Roxana Todea, Regional Consultant for Advocacy & Communications, held a session on how to create a communication plan for an advocacy campaign, and how to develop efficient campaign messages for specific target audiences relevant to the INSPIRE cause.

The initiative was supported by two regional projects with initiatives focusing on INSPIRE, funded by the Oak Foundation and the INSPIRE Fund.

ChildPact is currently finalizing the first phase of implementation, and is analysing data gathered through an Online Survey aimed at mapping the activities of the INSPIRE framework (Seven Strategies for Ending Violence Against Children) in the extended Black Sea Region.




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