[European Union] Europe: new Roadmap to improve the situation of unaccompanied and separated refugee and migrant children

10 Jul 2017

The UNHCR had publicly announced its commitment to strategies that would ultimately better the conditions of migrant children and youth who are in Europe without parental supervision, through collaborative works with the United Nations Refugee Agency, UNICEF, and the International Rescue Committee.

The adopted approaches undertaken by these organizations seeks to implement operational procedures that are appropriate for children, while aiming to capture the trust of migrant child applicants, all while ensuring adequate protection from illicit activities, the appointment of guardians to supervise these children, and understanding the culture of these young individuals.

The proposed procedures have benefited from the advise from a hundred professionals ranging from different expertise and occupational backgrounds throughout Europe.

Furthermore, alterations in current protocols will ultimately allow migrant children to comprehend the procedures they must go through, and would therefore take their circumstances and interests into consideration, as a large number of migrant children and youth are susceptible or victimized by dangerous criminal activity en route or within Europe.

Ultimately, these protocols will help alleviate some of the consequences that have emerged as a result of the intensifying period of the contemporary migrant flows, in 2015, which resulted in mass detention and institutional care, few cases of family reunification, and increased deportations.

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