[European Union] Mobile app helps children navigate the legal system

23 Nov 2017

Terre des hommes and its partners have been working with 160 young people in four countries in order to develop a mobile game that can teach children about legal proceedings and their rights in these situations, in a playful manner. The game features 20 stories, ranging from children being victims, witnesses, perpetrators, and each story can have different ending, some quite bleak (e.g. Peter getting into jail) while other endings are more hopeful (through mediation Peter repays the damages). In the game the player can watch very short animations and needs to put these different bits together in the right order in order to make up a meaningful story. After they have put together the right order for the beginning, they can go on to one of the ending. If they are successful they get points and can feature in the scoreboard.

The game was launched first in Hungary on October 24th, the Bulgarian versio on November 15th, and Romanian version has been presented on November 23rd. There are launching events also in Italy and Croatia.

As a priority the game will feature the stories in the local language and reflecting the national legislative framework of that country but eventually players will be able to explore another country context as well. This will allow players to get accurate knowledge of what happens in judicial proceedings, what their rights are, and players can also explore different possible outcomes.

Players also have the option to send an e-card to decision-makers and send messages to them about what they think about their judicial system for children.

The game is being updated every two weeks with additional stories being added. The game is available in the Apple AppStore and in Android Google Play.

Visit the website of the game here.

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