[European Union] Roll-out Trainings for Care Professionals and Youth Facilitators

09 Dec 2019

Roll-out trainings for care professionals and youth facilitators are being organized in Belgium, Greece, Malta and Romania as part of the BRIDGE project. They follow the Training of Trainers (ToT) held in Budapest at the beginning of October 2019. The roll-out trainings will cascade the knowledge and learning developed in the BRIDGE project (training curricula), and build participants’ capacities and awareness on how to identify and address GBV through improved knowledge, attitudes, capacity and practice. Two rounds of training are planned in the project, the second of which will take place at a later date. The trainings will be carried out by trainers who attended the ToT, according to the BRIDGE project training curricula. Participants will be actively engaged in exercises, and asked to develop practical methods and solutions to apply in their everyday work.

The project partners and trained trainers will meet in Budapest in February 2020 as a follow-up to the training of trainers to discuss  roll-out trainings, experiences, lessons learned and challenges. The second round of roll-out trainings for care professionals and youth facilitators will take place in the project countries after the follow-up meeting in Budapest in February 2020.


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