[European Union] ‘The Smile of the Child’ and ‘Telefono Azzurro’ Agree to Stronger Cooperation Between Greece and Italy

31 Oct 2019
Hellenic News of America

'The Smile of the Child' and 'Telefono Azzurro' are two organizations from Italy and Greece who teamed up for a great purpose. At their event – held on 22 October, at the Italian Cultural Institute – they emphasized the importance of their cooperation in the protection of children. The Ambassador of Italy to Greece opened the evening and, in his speech, talked about a common strategy they are working on regarding all the complex issues of child protection.

The Hellenic Police, the Coast Guard, the Ministry of Citizen Protection, prosecutors, international non-governmental organizations, and even academia were represented by officials at the event.

Discussion highlights include:

  • The importance of instant mobilization for children in immediate risk
  • The vulnerability of children in migration
  • The presence of cyberbullying

These two organizations are working to deepen their cooperation to help children in need and to show other European countries they can do more if they collaborate.


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